“Erik is one of the best communicators I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and learn from.” -Patrick Edwards, Senior Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant, Patrick Edwards Assoc. LLC

Welcome to Mindful Solutions!

Our Mission - To provide a unique synthesis of mindful solutions and reality-rooted leadership techniques that meet the needs of today's fast-paced global businesses and serve as a platform for any individual's life management.

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Mindful leadership is a burgeoning evidence-based solution for businesses that seek the most effective strategies for leading in today’s “do more with less” business environment.

Through empowered coaching and on-the-go mindfulness practice techniques, Erik Engberg’s Mindful Solutions can provide low-cost leadership and organizational development training across all levels of your business, regardless of size.

We offer three distinct and cost-effective ways to learn mindful leadership skills. Choose whatever works best for your needs or mix-and-match!

  • Webinars: Pick a date and time convenient for your individual training schedule and learn from your desktop;

  • Workshops: This in-person solution brings Erik Engberg to your business for an interactive learning experience; and

  • Individual Coaching: Schedule one-on-one coaching with Erik Engberg via Skype, Facetime or phone to discuss how mindful leadership skills can meet the unique challenges of your role and/or organization.



A Guided Mindful Meditation

A free 28-minute meditation is now available for you to take advantage of.  Use this mindful opportunity to work with your pain and stress as well as become more aware of the moments of pleasure that punctuate your daily life.  Designed to revisit regularly to enhance your practice!

Click here to listen to Guided Mindful Meditation


Mindful Leadership Musings

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