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“[Erik Engberg] communicated clearly with a thoughtful and relaxed demeanor that made his suggestions accessible and attainable.  I highly recommend him to managers on any level, ranging from those with years of experience to those just beginning to lead.”

David M. Egner

Vice President, Museum Services, Art Guild, Inc.

Mindful Leadership and Coaching Solutions

Three distinct and cost-effective paths to learning mindful leadership skills


While online learning at the desktop meets many training needs, the kind of mindful leadership coaching that can take place in an onsite workshop can provide hands-on learning that’s hard to replicate on a computer. Erik Engberg uses engaging exercises to help bring to life the workshop’s learnings in an interactive, peer-to-peer environment. Participants will enjoy the “a-ha” moments that accompany learning about such topics as how to manage anger in ourselves and others or how to better deal with the distractions that interrupt our work. Let us be your solution for your organization’s next professional development opportunity or offsite leadership retreat by reading about our workshops on our Solutions page and schedule yours today!

Online Workshops

The effectiveness of evidence-based mindfulness training has been well-documented over recent years and its incorporation into leadership roles helps put organizations on the cutting edge amongst their competitors. By offering the benefit of desktop training as part of your blended learning approach, your leaders can select days and times that meet their continuing education needs. With online workshops, your leaders will be able to receive real-time lessons within the context of their daily work lives. Each workshop includes follow-up questions and self-development exercises for individual and team use. It’s easy – figure out which one you want to start with by learning more on our Solutions page and start the scheduling process!

Individual Coaching

Webinars and workshops are great ways to bring professional development to teams of people. However, sometimes it’s just as important to get that kind of mindfulness coaching training that Mindful Solutions offers in a more personalized one-on-one format. Whether through Skype, FaceTime or telephonically, Erik Engberg offers blocks of individualized coaching time to help leaders take what they’ve learned from their webinar and workshop experiences and collaborate to help you conquer barriers that are unique to you and your organization. Simply, click on our Store page to sign up for a 20- or 50-minute block today!

Free Audio

This free 28-minute Guided Mindful Meditation is available to revisit as you encounter the pain and stress of everyday living. With practice, you’ll be better able to cope with whatever obstacles you confront!  Click here to listen!

Free Videos

Free Leadership Educational Videos are now available!  Click here for the Mindful Solutions YouTube Channel!

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