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Welcome to Mindful Solutions!  I hope this site can be your one-stop shop for mindful life management solutions.  I’m excited to offer my new book Mindful Stress Solutions for Today’s Leaders as a contribution to anyone who has been looking for ways to manage the stressors they experience while leading teams of people.  The book not only gives clear and concise evidence-based solutions for managing your stress but also provides easy-to-understand exercises that will help anyone in their daily life.

I’m also looking forward to blogging about topics that are central to our experience through a unique and mindful lens.  Whether you are a leader in a large company, an entrepreneur or even someone who is just consumed with getting through all the challenges of living each day, I look forward to our dialogue.

The provision of consultative services and leadership training is central to Mindful Solutions and I look forward to speaking with you about customized opportunities for your company.  Be sure to check out the Solutions link for more details.

In the near future, I hope to add multiple products that can aid others in living in the present while building a healthy and sustainable future.  Check back frequently for those offerings and for more details on my next book, Mindful Life Solutions.

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