The “Space Between Model” for Coping With Stress



One of the tools I often use in Mindful Solutions‘ training resources is the “Space Between Model“. It demonstrates how the stressors we face at work are processed by our minds.

We barely notice how an irate work colleague can trigger angry reactions in us but we can learn how to respond in a more positive way that brings a healthier outcome to that stressful situation and others.

This infographic gives those of us, who are visual learners, a way to see how stressors in the environment create negative emotions and how those emotions end up in our minds’ “Space Between”.

We have the ability to learn new ways of coping with anger, fear and other negative emotions by recognizing, in the “Space Between”, how we manifest our mindless reactions and, instead, choose to practice a more mindful and positive response.

For mindful leadership skills to become our minds’ default mechanism, we must practice paying attention to when we mindlessly react.

For example, instead of recognizing after the fact that yelling at a direct report was a poor choice in that moment of anger, we can practice recognizing that anger before yelling and choose a better response.

By recognizing the opportunities we have in the “Space Between”, we can become the leadership role models that our direct reports, peers, bosses and even customers can trust, thanks to our ability to manage the daily stressors that accompany our work.

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