Mindful leadership is a burgeoning evidence-based solution for businesses that seek the most effective strategies for leading in today’s “do more with less” business environment.

Through empowered coaching and on-the-go mindfulness practice techniques, Erik Engberg’s Mindful Solutions provides low-cost leadership and organizational development training across all levels of your organization, regardless of size.

Our Leadership and Coaching Solutions can enhance your company’s outcomes and profitability by:

Improving employee satisfaction;  

Increasing quality and customer service;  


Maintaining or even lowering operating expenses   through reduced turnover.  


The ROI for Mindful Solutions’ blended approach to learning has been shown to be 75-100% higher than either that of Instructor-led or strictly online training approaches (Snipes, 2010). 

By partnering with Erik Engberg to address change management issues and train your leaders in more mindful techniques, we can drive up your business value in today’s cost-conscious environment.

Mindful Solutions recognizes that employees learn best from an ongoing process of application, practice and reinforcement.  Our online and personal learning experience will allow your organization to leverage and scale our solutions across all locations and departments, now and in the future.


What People Are Saying

“Using the right blend of knowledge, care, insight, conversation and humor, Erik Engberg is able to connect and build trust with individuals at every level of an organization. This ability provides him with a platform to compellingly share his unique leadership insights in a way that provides personal context and meaning for each member of his audience.” -Bill Rubino, Director, Regional CEC Operations, Healthways

“Erik Engberg’s unique leadership approach allows each individual to grow at their own pace. He will work beside you until you are ready to spread your wings; then you are out flying without even realizing you are doing so.” –Linda Robinson, Practice Administrator for BNY Mellon at CHS Medical

“Erik Engberg is not only a great leader but a mentor as well. I have read his book Mindful Stress Solutions for Today’s Leaders and have found it to be very helpful in my life. I can honestly say that I am a better person for having worked with him.” - Robert Porter, EHR IT Specialist, West Penn Allegheny Health System

“In my work as a Leadership Development Partner and Mindfulness Practitioner, I am currently using Erik Engberg’s book, Mindful Stress Solutions for Today’s Leaders, as required reading for a Mindful Leadership Development course I recently designed. His contributions in establishing and supporting this emerging leadership development program have been and continue to be instrumental in its success. A consummate learner and passionate teacher.” - Elmo Shade, M.Ed., C.P.L.P., President, Mindful Foundations

“Erik Engberg’s sense of fairness, sense of humor, and earnest dedication to his people engendered the most loyal and cohesive management team possible. I was so intrigued and impressed by their admiration, and by his stellar reputation, that I twice made the pilgrimage to Pennsylvania to study his leadership style and methods.” - Avery Earwood, Principal Healthcare Consultant, SAS Health Analytics Practice

“Erik Engberg is one of the best communicators I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and learn from. One of his best strengths is in empowering and developing people. I highly recommend Erik for his leadership and management strengths.” - Patrick Edwards, Senior Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant, Patrick Edwards Assoc. LLC

About Erik Engberg

After earning a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in 1981 in Human Development and Family Studies and a Master’s degree from Syracuse in 1983 in Marriage and Family Counseling, I began my career in leadership as the Administrator of a family planning clinic in Greensboro, NC in 1984.

Since then, I have built a resume in healthcare leadership primarily in long term care, including serving as the Area Vice-President of Managed and Joint Venture Operations for Mariner Health.

I also was successful in my foray into entrepreneurship as a partner with Everest Health Systems which managed the operations of over ninety nursing facilities with annual revenues in excess of $200 million

More Recently,

I worked with Healthways, an international leader in the provision of wellbeing services.  Thanks to the collaborative spirit of my Healthways colleagues,

I was fortunate enough to have shared in several company achievement awards, including those recognizing process excellence and innovation

While at Healthways, my direct team of leaders was recognized for scoring in the top tier of high performing teams across organizations that Gallup surveys for colleague engagement


I live in Cary which is located within The Triangle area of North Carolina and I am the very proud father of my daughter Larsen who is a freshman at High Point University and my son Jaryd who recently graduated from Virginia Tech and works as an English teacher in Istanbul, Turkey.

My vices include peanut butter cup ice cream, Monty Python, Clos du Val Cabernet Sauvignon, Big Red hockey, Franky and Johnny’s crawfish, the Rolling Stones, Wrightsville Beach, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Coke in a glass bottle and Deadspin. 

My limitations are mostly self-imposed and my strengths are growing (despite visual signs to the contrary). 

Although I’m not bound by fantasies of fate, hope or destiny, I’m pretty sure we’re not alone in our universe. 

And finally, my passion is to reduce the suffering of others so we can all enjoy each moment to the absolute fullest.  If there is a final destination, I want it to be a giant Slip-n-Slide where, when we each make our grand transition from this life to the next, we can slide as fast as possible yelling to no one in particular, ”NO WORRIES”!