Online Leadership Development Workshops

Leadership Development Workshops

Research tells us that blended learning, or combining desktop and interpersonal training, provides a much higher return on investment for cost-conscious organizational development budgets but, oftentimes, training becomes more effective when it’s interactive. The leadership development workshops of Mindful Solutions take the content of our online webinars and brings them alive for participants. By using unique exercises that combine fun and learning, leaders leave our workshops with effective skills and knowledge to take back to their roles.

Through GoToMeeting or Skype, Erik Engberg will bring his 30+ years of leadership experience and sense of humor to our wide range of workshop topics that can be bundled to maximize your savings or scheduled a la carte to more specifically meet the needs of the participants. In advance, Erik will work with key stakeholders within your organization to make sure your audience’s experience is uniquely maximized. Whether it’s learning to handle disgruntled employees or learning to be more patient while managing others’ expectations, the leadership development workshops of Mindful Solutions may be the experience your organization needs to push you from good to great so why not inquire about scheduling yours today?