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Mindfulness Training CoursesWith so much media attention, the topic of mindfulness has moved past pop culture buzz status and into the mainstream of leadership development. Well-established and progressive businesses from IBM to Google have embraced the value of mindfulness training courses for their employees and leading universities like Duke and Stanford are offering them to their students.

By reducing absenteeism and burnout while improving employee job satisfaction and productivity, HR professionals, and other people managers are recognizing that teaching mindfulness is a cutting-edge competitive advantage that increases how engaged a team can be.

Mindful Solutions acknowledges that you have customers who look to your organization for ways in which you can enhance their satisfaction with your service or product. By offering multiple avenues for on-the-job education, we are able to meet the individual training needs of your staff. Whether it is  desktop webinars, live online workshops or individualized one-on-one coaching, we offer the resources you need to complement your organization’s training tools. Why not check out our Solutions page to find out what can best suit your needs?