Positive Outcomes of Mindfulness-Based Solutions

  • Increasing mindfulness increases charisma and productivity, decreases accidents, and increases creativity, memory, attention, positive affect, health, and even longevity.
  • Employees have fewer incidents of depression and those incidents are not as severe.
  • Employees are less anxious about the security of their roles and the future of their employer.
  • Improved immune systems and reduced physical and mental pain lead to lower absentee rates.
  • Employees report improved well-being, including more restful sleep at night, feeling more refreshed in the morning and less fatigue during working hours.
  • Improved brain and immune function lead directly to fewer employees losing work or effectiveness due to illness, including colds and flu.
  • Employees experience lower burnout, increased empathy and improved attitudes while on the job.
  • Most importantly, employees report reduced overall stress.

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