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The Empowered Coaching Model

The Performance Review is a universally-despised evil that virtually all of an organization’s leaders must suffer through (giving and receiving) at least once a year. The process is an illustration of insanity – doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Research clearly shows that Performance Reviews are ineffective whether they’re conducted annually or even quarterly. They are hugely time-consuming and the receiver rarely buys into the feedback delivered.

The Empowered Coaching Model (ECM) achieves the goals that a performance evaluation cannot. As per its name, the ECM empowers the employee to take charge of identifying his/her own strengths and improvement opportunities in a way that changes the role of the leader to that of “resource coach”. Additionally, leaders are able to leverage best practices from individuals and teams to strengthen the organization and build job satisfaction and employee engagement.

The Empowered Coaching Model

…can replace your organization’s current performance review system, and

…increase accountability for employees.

The Empowered Coaching Model is available in two videos and we highly recommend buying both, especially if you’re considering overhauling your current Performance Review system. By purchasing Parts I and II together, you can take advantage of our bundling discount price.

Part I is an overview of the ECM structure and defines what the Model is designed to achieve. It also explains how it can effectively replace your organization’s current Performance Review process, how it improves employee accountability, how the leader’s role as a resource is highlighted and it explains how the Coaching Forums and Observations serve as critical support features for the team.

Part II provides a quick review of the ECM’s components that are detailed in Part I, shares several critical coaching skills as well as tips from coaches who are experienced in using the ECM. Finally, the webinar highlights some of the challenges that coaches and employees might face during training and implementation and how to solve for them.

The mere act of replacing your organization’s performance evaluation process will raise morale. More importantly, however, the implementation of the Empowered Coaching Model will provide an innovative way to help employees improve their productivity and quality of work while taking accountability for their results.

The Empowered Coaching Model is available as an online webinar. For more information, including pricing, please go to our Store page.

10 Ways to Grow Your Patience

Leaders of organizations are expected to be role models for their employees in all aspects of performance and behavior. One of the biggest challenges is demonstrating patience in the face of increasing expectations both internally and externally.

10 Ways to Grow Your Patience helps identify the drivers and effects of impatience, the barriers to being patient and real solutions that can be incorporated into behavior immediately.

Most people in leadership positions want to be more patient, especially in today’s high-stress work environments. Whether it’s getting through a seemingly-endless meeting or dealing with customers who hold you to seemingly impossible standards, demonstrating patience at work has never been more challenging.

10 Ways to Grow Your Patience…

…is designed to help participants recognize what triggers their impatience; and

…helps each person mindfully choose healthier responses that grow their patience for the long term.
Participants will also be able to successfully:

  • understand how expectations affect patience;
  • delay gratification without negatively affecting outcomes;
  • differentiate between those situations which we can control and those we cannot;
  • realize, in the moment, how impatience is triggered by a fear of non-productivity;
  • practice how to be patient and become a role model for others in the organization; and
  • utilize Mindful Solutions’ “Space Between Model“to help each person become more patient.

By growing patience in the workplace, conversations soon become more positive and employees start to feel more connected to their roles and the mission of the organization. That kind of colleague engagement can improve bottom-line results for individuals, teams and businesses!

10 Ways to Grow Your Patience is available as an online webinar. For more information, including pricing, please go to our Store page.

Managing Anger & Conquering Fear

As leaders in today’s “do more with less” business culture, our anger and that of our colleagues is more prevalent than ever. Three-quarters of U.S. workers report feeling stressed at work and 10% have actually experienced violence in the workplace! Who is this webinar for? Human Resources professionals and other leaders & people-managers who will learn how anger and fear affect an organization’s effectiveness. You’ll explore how our minds and bodies mindlessly react to anger and fear. More importantly, you’ll learn specific solutions that will help the participant learn more appropriate responses to these negative emotions. With practice, those responses can not only become each person’s default when confronted with anger and fear but may also become the standard for others to model in the workplace. Managing Anger & Conquering Fear gives attendees specific solutions and self-development exercises that can be implemented quickly. Participants will understand how fear hides behind anger and how it manifests in our behaviors and bodies when we’re angry. Attendees will learn:

  • One simple way to cut down dramatically on employee complaints
  • Active listening techniques to diffuse confrontation
  • How to improve compassion toward others through patience

After being trained on our “Space Between Model“, participants will be able to learn how to literally “change your mind” and the minds of others in a way that gets stronger each time Mindful Solutions are used! Questions that will be answered in the webinar:

  • How does mindfully responding to anger create a workplace culture that improves colleague engagement?
  • How can we avoid defensiveness when confronted with angry employees?
  • How do we learn to recognize the manifestations of anger & fear in ourselves and others?
  • What does our own fear of failing have to do with feeling angry?
  • What’s an easy way to manage complaints from our direct reports?

Managing Anger & Conquering Fear is available as an online webinar. For more information, including pricing, please go to our Store page.

Calming Our Monkey Minds

The “monkeys” in our minds are the thoughts that compete for our attention when we need to focus on the task at hand. Research shows that we are distracted by these monkeys during almost half of our waking hours and even more when we’re at work.

Interruptions at work occur on an average of every three seconds and we now know that multitasking actually increases the amount of time it takes to complete a task. It’s impressive we get any work done at all and more than a little scary of how much productivity we’re leaving on the table!

Calming Our Monkey Minds will help participants learn how to slow down these thoughts that interrupt our work and negatively impact our organization’s productivity and service quality.

This event is designed to give the participant the tools to stay focused in the present moment for longer stretches, thereby leading to higher productivity and service quality for the organization. We will dive into what we worry about, why fear interrupts our best efforts, what the kryptonite is for our mind’s monkeys and discover the three simple steps in the “Space Between Model” that can help keep our minds from swinging from one thought to another.

Calming Our Monkey Minds… 

…will address the effects of trying to work while competing with a monkey mind that is dragging our attention to either thoughts from the past or anxieties about the future; and

…will provide self-development exercises that dovetail with the presented solutions that will be reviewed so that each participant is able to start practicing the techniques right away.

Additionally, each participant will learn:

  • how to “mindfully multitask” in a way that lends greater focus andimproved effectiveness to the tasks at hand;
  • how to disempower the monkeys in our minds that swing from thought to thought; and
  • how to identify the negative emotions that the monkeys catalyze and how they affect our ability to remain effective and efficient at work.

After attending Calming Our Monkey Minds and practicing the identified Mindful Solutions, each participant will be better able to focus on paying attention to the present moment while understanding the potential harm that the monkeys can do to an individual, team and organization. Additionally, participants will be able to answer these questions:

  • Why can our Monkey Minds get worse with age?
  • How does fear make our Monkey Minds more unfocused?
  • Why do our egos depend on our Monkey Minds and how do we detach them?
  • What are some specific techniques that can used at work that will help keep us focused?
  • How will slowing down our racing minds improve decision-making?

Calming Our Monkey Minds is available as an online webinar. For more information, including pricing, please go to our Store page. 


Online Workshops

  • Introduction to Mindful Leadership – A primer on how to better respond to the negative emotions that can be unique to organizational leaders.
  • Focusing Our Distracted Minds – Tips on how to calm our monkey minds when distracting thoughts take us away from the important tasks at hand. 
  • Managing Anger & Conflict – Learning how to mindfully respond (rather than mindlessly react) to emotionally-charged situations in a timely manner.
  • The Four Fatal Fears That Block Our Potential – Coping with our fears of failure, being wrong, being rejected and feeling emotionally uncomfortable.
  • Overcoming Impatience – Learning how to identify aggravating events that we cannot control and responding to them more patiently.
  • Improving Self-Awareness – Developing the most critical component of emotional intelligence and using it in our leadership of others.
  • Demonstrating Empathy: The Key to Relationships – Understanding the difference between sympathy and empathy and using it to strengthen the connections with our teams.
  • Improving Communication Through Active Listening – Tips we can start practicing today to more effectively connect with our colleagues and customers.
  • How to Give and Receive Feedback Learning how to effectively utilize this cornerstone of communication to help build better trust with key players in our organizations. 
  • Breaking In Your New Boss – How to gain the respect and support of our bosses without working long hours, sucking up or sacrificing our pride.
  • Finding Peace With Constant Change – How to actually embrace the inevitability of change in our organizations without everyone freaking out!

All online workshops, including pricing, are conveniently available to you on our Store page.

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