Our webinars provide mindful leadership skills that are delivered to your desktop, tablet or smartphone by Erik Engberg, Founder of Mindful Solutions. Pick dates and times convenient for your schedule. With the purchase of a webinar, each participant receives a FREE link to Erik’s audiobook, Mindful Stress Solutions for Today’s Leaders!

The Empowered Coaching Model

Part 1

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The Empowered Coaching Model Bundle

Part 1 & Part 2

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The Empowered Coaching Model

Part 2

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10 Ways to Grow Your Patience

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Managing Anger & Conquering Fear

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Calming Our Monkey Minds

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The effectiveness of evidence-based mindfulness training has been well-documented over recent years and its incorporation into leadership roles helps put organizations on the cutting edge amongst their competitors. By offering the benefit of an individual online training as part of your blended learning approach, your leaders can select days and times that meet their continuing education needs. With webinar titles like Growing Patience and Calming Our Monkey Minds, they will be able to start practicing the lessons learned immediately and within the context of their daily work lives. Each webinar includes follow-up questions and self-development exercises for individual and team use. Participants can also schedule online one-on-coaching with Erik to apply the contents of the webinar to your individual or organizational challenges.

Online Workshops

Erik Engberg facilitates live interactive hour-long workshops via Skype or GoToMeeting that allow your team to start implementing mindful leadership solutions right away. It’s the perfect resource for HR professionals to help an organization’s leaders learn evidence-based techniques that can improve colleague engagement and bottom-line outcomes. Workshops are cost effective can be purchased individually or bundled for even more savings. Pull together the workshops from which your specific group could most benefit and let’s get started!

  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Our Distracted Minds
  • Managing Anger & Conflict
  • Four Fatal Fears Holding Us Back
  • Overcoming Impatience
  • The Importance of Self-Awareness
  • Demonstrating Empathy: The Key to Relationships
  • Active Listening for Results
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Breaking In Your Boss
  • Striving for Low Stress Work Culture

Individual Workshops (1-hr)


Bundle of Five or more


Bundle of Four

$1,700 total

Bundle of Three

$1,350 total

Bundle of Two

$950 total

Learning mindful leadership coaching is like learning any other skill that requires practice. By participating in our workshops, you will not only learn the who/what/where/why/how’s of the topic but also begin practicing specific skills that build new default behaviors, proven to improve leadership skills. Whether it’s learning to be more patient, how to manage anger or cope with distractions, each participant will walk away with new business and life skills that will increase the value of their individual contribution to your organization. Click the Schedule button to set up your team’s workshop and start to improve your business today!

Individual Coaching Solutions

Through one-on-one communication via Skype, FaceTime or over the phone, professionals can utilize Erik Engberg’s 30+ years of leadership experience to help apply lessons gleaned from Mindful Solutions’ webinars and workshops to specific situations in their own workplace. Choose from several available days and times that best fit your schedule.

2o-minute Individual Coaching

Price: $49.00

5o-minute Individual Coaching

Price: $99.00

Get the Book!

This easy-to-read resource touches on all the elements that can help today’s leaders better manage their daily stressors. Used in some college programs, Erik’s book aids the reader by providing stories and examples that help each person understand how to respond to stress through the lens of emotional intelligence and through the use of mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques.

Mindful Stress Solutions for Today’s Leaders

Price: $13.32 (Paperback)

In today’s leaner organizations, leaders are faced with unique stressors that require equally unique solutions. Mindful Stress Solutions for Today’s Leaders by Erik Engberg can serve as a handbook for the kind of mindfulness coaching training that provides the kind of coping strategies necessary in today’s “do more with less” business climate. This easy-to-read paperback has been used in college programs and helps the reader mindfully respond to stress of leadership rather than react mindlessly. By incorporating the tenets of Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence model and Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs, Erik’s book is the perfect tabletop resource for leadership teams regardless of industry. The book is free when purchasing a webinar from Mindful Solutions or pick up a copy today by clicking the link below!